The purpose and services of Charter School Development and Finance

Charter School Development and Finance is importance of quality education is immeasurable. Doors can open, and lives change based on the early years of school. Part of that equation is having access to a safe, well-staffed school with necessary resources. Charter schools often provide an opportunity for students to grow and learn in environments where success can be scarce. At CSFD, we understand that the investment in a charter program, both financially and developmentally, can be multifaceted. Our goal is to support underserved communities by providing consultation services to make educational excellence a reality. 

What is Charter School Development and Finance?

A charter school is a privately managed school that receives public funding. Students receive many of the resources they would receive in a public school but with added benefits of smaller class sizes and flexibility in teaching and learning styles. Charters must meet high expectations in order to operate and follow state standards for instruction, just like public schools do. Schools are monitored closely for high performance and maintain a benchmark to remain open. 

The popularity of charter schools has grown dramatically in the past ten years. Although the first charters were started in the 1970s, only recently have they begun to receive more attention. Today, charters are one of the fastest-growing areas of education in the US. Stakeholders value the opportunities available to provide students with amazing education benefits and are ready to invest in the future of their local students. Parents also appreciate the ability to choose which school is right for their child based on important variables like performance records, class sizes, and location. 

One big difference between charter schools and public schools to the ability to use public funding for facilities. Since this aspect of running a school is so vital to success, CSFD has made it a priority to find ways to help schools run as smoothly as possible. Consulting focused on tax-deductible donations, direct lending, real estate, and much more allows stakeholders to focus on their investment and the outcomes. 

What is the Mission of CFSD?

Oftentimes, securing the resources to open a new charter school can be complicated. While there are similarities to setting up and running a business, in many ways, the stakes are higher and regulations more restrictive. Our goal is to provide affordable facility solutions that serve a variety of students in diverse areas of the country. We believe that the investment is beneficial to everyone in the community, not just the students directly served. Successful students grow into adults that contribute to their community through steady employment, continued educational opportunities, volunteering, and other positive outcomes. The more that communities invest now, the less they will have to spend on the negative consequence of lower quality education (crime, unemployment, etc.) later. 

Our team understands the benefits that come from a financially supported charter school and are ready to help you plan for the future. With their wealth of experience in non-profit, educational settings, CFSD can work with your situation to create a plan for success. No matter where you happen to be in the process, it is always a good idea to consider the future needs of your charter. 

How Can We Help? 

There are several specific ways that CFSD can support charter organizations. One way is facilitating tax-deductible donations. Stakeholders and community members are encouraged to make donations and grants throughout the year that can be directed toward facilities. Private equity loans are another option. We can facilitate the direction of these loans through the proper channels to directly benefit charter facilities. 

Another service is direct lending. Because we believe so strongly in the positive impact of charter schools, we are motivated to provide direct and responsible lending to help serve underprivileged communities in the best way possible- through excellent education. Since charter schools do not benefit from local tax revenues or state bond initiatives, schools often face the challenge of how to fund facilities. We welcome the challenge of serving diverse communities, whether the project is big or small. Loan details and decisions are made on a case-by-case basis, and terms are competitive. Making charter school dreams a reality is our mission, and we will work with you to build equity and find solutions. 

New market tax credits (NMTC) are another option to explore. This federal program was created to provide incentives to lenders and developers to encourage investment in low-income communities. Once you qualify, benefits include up to 20% of your project cost in free funding. Of course, there are restrictions involving geographical location in a low-income area with a poverty rate of 20% or higher. The ability to create new jobs will also help your chances of approval for this option. We can help you to navigate the application process and consult on your best chance of approval. 

If your project is in the very beginning stages, real estate development may be another area in which consultation would prove beneficial. There are so many aspects to this area, especially in a volatile market. We offer expertise in real estate management and can guide you through the process of permits, construction, and all that goes into finding and developing the perfect site. 

Why Choose CFSD?

Creating an educational organization that provides the very best opportunities for its students is the ultimate goal for charter organizations. It can be difficult to manage everything that goes into the process without a great team. We believe the investment is truly worth the reward for students served by charter schools. Our dedication to this process is evident in our efforts to support school leaders every step of the way, whether the project is big or small. Whether your funding needs are focused on the beginning stages or improving existing facilities, we can facilitate funding and make the process as simple as possible. 

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