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Charter School Finance and Development Inc is non-profit charter school lender that specialize in providing affordable facility solutions to high quality charter schools in underserved neighborhoods.

We believe that investment in education pays the best return.

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Our Mission

Education is a fundamental right and key to building more peaceful societies. Poor education produces high costs for societies such that failing nations are the ones who don’t invest into education of future generations, and are those who then have to spend their time, energy and resources to fix unemployment, crime and other ills that resulted from inadequate education.  Our goal is to do our share to help increase potential of success in life for underprivileged children.

Invest in Education

Your investment will help send more underserved kids to college. To invest in education:

  • You can make tax deductible donations or grants that we will pass on to the charter schools that we are helping with facilities.
  • You can make private equity loans to be used in development of our charter school facilities.

Please contact info@csfd.org for further information.